Logos & Graphic Design | Collage | Mixed Media | Acrylic

I create to inspire discussion about various social justice issues: inclusive feminism, ethics of drone warfare and the struggle between honor and corruption in government.

I create to challenge the stigma of mental health and substance abuse disorders. 

I create to document the adventure of my life and the world around me as I see it unfold.

I create to seek the truth.

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  • Elpam Vodka Logo
  • Obama/ Untitled
  • Eat VT "Camels Hump Rare" idea
  • Treetop Galaxy
  • Bad Bitch Feminist
  • Mama Tsiala's Baked Goods Logo
  • Predator
  • Predator (burning landscape detail image 2)
  • BlackBeak Moonshine Co. Logo
  • Delicate Delights Cupcake Logo
  • Cato the Younger/ On Politics and Honor
  • Promotional Artwork for Mixed-Media Art Exhibition "BOOKBODY"
  • Serotheft Band Promotional Poster
  • Event Poster, Turtle Underground
  • Event Poster, Turtle Underground (Spring Opener)
  • Snake Charmer
  • DJ heartbpeats
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